Pet Dental Care

Your pet’s world revolves around its mouth.

Regular dental care is vital for the overall health and longevity of your pet. Dental disease is a common issue among household pets, and it can lead to serious health problems if it is left untreated. Dental disease can damage the teeth and gums, and as it advances, it can create even greater danger by spreading infection to the heart, kidneys and upper respiratory system and shortening the life of your pet. Every annual wellness exam includes a periodic dental exam, which helps maintain proper oral hygiene and prevents future complications.

Oral exams and regular dental cleanings are a key to your pet’s preventative healthcare. Las Tablas Animal Hospital offers basic oral exams at every wellness visit. From there, we identify any problems and recommend a dental plan for your pet.

Las Tablas Animal Hospital offers complete pet oral health service. Our dental services include:

  • Annual dental cleanings
  • Preventative dental care
  • Emergency oral services

Dental cleanings are comprehensive procedures that are accompanied by complete physicals, lab work, diagnostic tests and anesthesia. We take preparations for dental cleanings very seriously to ensure the best outcome for your pet and their oral hygiene.

We do not recommend non-anesthetic pet dental cleanings.
At Las Tablas Animal Hospital, we do not recommend non-anesthetic dental cleanings unless your pet has a disease that creates an increased anesthetic risk.

Our reasons for this include:

  • Stress. During dental cleanings, animals must hold still or be restrained for long periods of time, which creates stress for your dog or cat. Pets experience much less stress when we use anesthesia during cleanings.
  • Pain. To properly clean the teeth and prevent dental disease, we must use ultrasonic scaling underneath the gum line, also known as subgingival cleaning, which can be painful.
  • Lack of thoroughness. It is impossible to probe for deep pockets and get good, quality X-rays, which are needed to verify that we’ve thoroughly cleaned the teeth, while a pet is awake.

Schedule an appointment for a dental cleaning at Las Tablas Animal Hospital by calling 805-369-2222.


September 24, 2014