YES! Your Pet Can Get Heartworm Here

YES! Your Pet Can Get Heartworm Here

As the name suggests, heartworms live in the heart, and they can also thrive in the lungs and blood vessels. Because they constrict blood flow, heartworms can damage internal organs and cause lung disease and heart failure. One mosquito bite is all it takes to infect a pet with this nasty disease.

While our drier climate means fewer mosquitoes, the fact is that heartworm is present in every state and in our region. According to the American Heartworm Society, the number of confirmed cases is on the rise. Because symptoms are often subtle, the cases we do see here tend to be quite advanced and life-threatening. There is a treatment for dogs, but it is expensive and can be very hard on your pet.

April is National Heartworm Month, and to make sure your pet is protected, we’re offering a free heartworm test when you purchase a six-month supply of any heartworm preventative!

Administering monthly oral or topical heartworm preventative medication year-round is your pet’s best defense against heartworm, and annual heartworm tests verify that the medication is working. As an added benefit, these monthly dewormers also protect your pet from roundworms, hookworms, and other parasites that can be transmitted to you and your family.

We have many different types of heartworm preventatives available, and your veterinarian can help you decide which one is best for your pet. Make an appointment with us online or by calling 805-369-2222.