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Ask Dr. Edsall: Does My Older Pet Need to See the Vet More?

Ask Dr. Edsall: Does My Older Pet Need to See the Vet More?

I get asked this quite a bit, and it’s important for pet parents to understand that dogs and cats age much more rapidly than humans, which means diseases and illness progress quicker as well. Once they enter that senior stage of life—typically at about 7 years old—pets are more at risk of conditions like diabetes, heart disease, hyperthyroidism, kidney disease and cancer.

That’s why Las Tablas Animal Hospital is now encouraging families with older pets to bring them in for wellness exams and blood tests every six months. Blood screenings are an essential part of these exams because they can reveal invisible changes in your pet’s health and tell the vet how well organs and systems are functioning. That way we have a better chance of catching underlying disease before it’s a bigger—and more expensive—problem.

If your senior pet hasn’t seen the vet in over a year, please consider scheduling an appointment online or calling us at 805-369-2222. We ♥ senior pets!